CLOSED (Nov. 15, 2022) East Fork Golf Course. Richland County, IL

The Combs Family is grateful to all its former patrons for supporting our family owned & operated, small business. We’re glad you spent time here making memories, enjoying the great outdoors. Thank You!

Contact Information

East Fork Golf Course is CLOSED. LAST DAY TO PLAY was November 15, 2022 Contact # 618-838-9040 Facebook: East Fork Par 3 Golf

About Us

This family owned and operated, public course, was built by Doug & Bill Combs in 1972. It officially opened the following summer to provide an affordable place for everyone to learn & play golf. However, as interest in golf declined, this course closed in 2022, after providing enjoyment for thousands of golfers for 50 years.

Virtual Tour

East Fork Golf provided a fun venue to enjoy nature and stay physically fit. Though the course is now closed, you can still view photos, and read the names of golfers who scored a hole-in-one on each hole, by clicking on the drop down links.

"Hall of Fame" Shelter

Inside this rustic building, you'll find the names of tournament winners and golfers who made a hole-in-one on our course.